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A product launch event debuts and showcases a new product into the market, we are required to market the product and boost initial sales and build branding.

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Proven Results

Defining a target audience which built effective market segmentation. We built hype around the product through marketing collaterals and strategies, also featuring high-level production to impress and attract the audience. 

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MongoDB Day Singapore 2023

What We've Done


We have utilised a mix of digital and traditional marketing channels, engaging content creation, targeted advertising, collaborations, and media outreach to generate buzz, maximise visibility, and create a successful launch for your product.


We conduct surveys for product launch events to gather valuable feedback and insights from attendees. Allowing us to assess their perception of the product, satisfaction levels, and overall event experience. Valuable data is extracted for further product refinement and future event planning.

Exhibition Booth Set-Up

We have successfully undertaken exhibition booth fabrication and set-up, ensuring a visually stunning and well-designed booth that captures attention, aligns with your brand image, and creates a memorable experience for visitors.

Photography & Videography

We provided exceptional photography and videography services for product launch events, capturing stunning visuals and compelling footage that highlight the key features, benefits, and excitement surrounding your product for a successful launch.