Article Featured Image - 5 Types of Corporate Events & Their Strategic Uses
5 Types of Corporate Events & Their Strategic Uses
June 30, 2023
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July 22, 2023

Corporate Events Planning 101 : 5 Elements Of An Effective Event

Tips & Tricks · 15 Jul 2023

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It’s easy to overlook some details in corporate event planning – after all, the checklist can be quite overwhelming. Let’s get you started.

Event Planning Checklist
Event Planning Checklist
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By failing to prepare, you prepare to fail. When planning a corporate event, a long checklist can be overwhelming. There are multiple elements that can influence an event’s effectiveness and it’s easy to overlook any of them. Regardless, companies that intend to leverage on corporate events must possess the knowledge and ability to successfully plan and execute effective events. To get you started, we’ve prepared 5 tips for planning an impactful event.

Define Your Target Audience

Defining Target Audience
Defining Your Target Audience
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Your attendees are a key stakeholder and their experience determines the success of your corporate event. After setting your event objectives, the next step is to define your target audience. They range across various stakeholders and there may be multiple groups for different corporate events. Take trade shows for instance, which are attended by consumers, competitors, and the media. 

After you’ve identified your event’s target audience, craft the event plans and marketing strategies around them. Your event’s theme and messaging should keep your audience’s demographics, needs, and interests in mind. What would attract them to attend the corporate event? Are they interested in learning about industry developments or are they invested in your company’s latest products? Think about the value your attendees would receive. By imparting valuable insights and/or experiences, your company can unlock the various benefits of corporate events. 

Look at Red Bull’s branding strategy which is associated with extreme sports. They understand their target audience, allowing them to raise brand awareness, convey their values and connect with consumers worldwide through their unique experiences and events. Their events tell consumers that their product is all about energy; it gives them ‘wings’. 

Secure The Ideal Venue

Star Awards India
Star Awards Event in India
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The choice of venue is a critical component in any kind of corporate event. From a conference room to a convention hall, the selected venue will have a significant impact on an event’s effectiveness. It sets the mood, helps ensure a seamless event flow, and creates a memorable experience for your corporate event attendees.

Keep in mind though, that a venue that was used for a specific corporate event might not necessarily suit yours. Evaluate each venue objectively, don’t be swayed by appearances or tempting offers. Always keep your event objectives in mind: is your event meant to increase brand awareness or reward your employees? Your objectives should give you a rough understanding of what to look out for in an ideal venue. 

During the planning phase, remember to conduct a site recce. Some things may look differently online or it may have been excluded in the venue’s description or images. Pay attention to its capacity and whether it is appropriate for the scale of your event. An excessively large venue is not a good thing either as it might give attendees the impression of a poor turn-up rate.

Other factors such as its accessibility should also be considered. Check whether the venue can be conveniently accessed by public transport, and if there are ample parking spaces for individuals who drive in. These minor details tend to be overlooked, but they add up to your attendees’ overall experience.

Select The Right Speakers

Professional Business Design Seminar Thailand 2023
Professional Business Design Seminar Thailand 2023 Speakers
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Strong speaker lineups can have a significant impact on your corporate event’s attendance and effectiveness. As temporary advocates for your event, their credibility and reputation can easily boost your event’s value and your company name. In fact, established keynote speakers can single handedly generate a lot of anticipation and media coverage.


The significance of a speaker’s presentation skills cannot be understated either, with 68% of individuals recognising that interactive presentations have a lasting impact. Influential speakers are effective in engaging your audience, keeping them interested in your event’s content and helping them understand the event’s theme. 

However, finding the right speakers and getting them on board may be a challenge on its own. A poorly chosen speaker could be counterproductive and potentially hurt your company. Take the time to vet prospective speakers, and ensure that the chosen speaker is relevant, credible, experienced and authentic.

After you’ve prepared a list of potential speaker lineups, aim high by starting with the ‘biggest’ names on your list. Reach out to them and deliver an impressive proposal. At the same time, try to gauge their level of interest. You want to ensure that both your interests and goals are aligned.

DPLI - PTC Singapore 2017
DPLI - PTC Singapore 2017 Event's Speaker
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If you’re building a panel of speakers, establish a clear overall direction and theme that ties them together, it is important that the panel of speakers is cohesive and aligned. When managing your budget, it is crucial to consider strategies for maximising its impact as well, especially since speakers may have varying expectations regarding compensation and perks.

Assemble Your Crew

Your event crew is an essential element of your corporate event as they are the backbone. From event setup to ground support, it is imperative to find capable staff to support your operations from start to finish. They should be experienced enough in their respective roles as they can influence the event flow and your attendees’ experience. Should your attendees require any assistance, your staff ought to be well trained to handle them. Remember to conduct a briefing before the event commences to ensure that everyone is on the same page!

Aspectech IMARC Sydney 2022
Event Crew During Aspectech IMARC Sydney 2022
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It is important to allocate a sufficient portion of your budget to cover your staffing needs. You want to avoid that awkward situation where your corporate event is understaffed – it doesn’t send a good signal. If you’re concerned about your event staffing, leave it to Eventive. We understand the importance of event management and we can handle it for you, from event setup to registration. Find out how we can assist you here.

Follow Up Post Event

Congratulations, you’ve concluded your corporate event! This doesn’t mean that you’re done though. Your post-event engagement can increase your ROI so don’t miss out on this step. We suggest acting quickly to build off the buzz and to further engage your attendees to build stronger rapport.

Mobile Phone Apps Pop Up
Social Media Posting
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Maximise the impact of your event while it is still fresh by uploading the content captured across your social media channels. You can share interesting snippets from your speakers, their presentation decks, and any group photos. By sharing this content, it provides event attendees with the ability to revisit and reminisce about the experience in the future.

You may even choose to send these through ‘thank you’ emails to add that personal touch. If you haven’t already, include a call to action in your communications to follow up on potential leads and bring them along the marketing funnel. 

Post Event Surveys
Post-Event Satisfaction & Feedback Surveys
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To help you determine the success of your corporate event, send out surveys. Their feedback helps you gauge their level of satisfaction, what they liked, and what could be improved. Here, you can roughly tell whether your event objectives have been met. Analyse this data and take note of the areas that have been highlighted by your respondents. You should also disseminate any relevant information within your company as they may be valuable for other strategies!

Unlock Opportunities Through Corporate Events Now

Event planning requires a lot of careful consideration and preparation. There are many other elements that can influence a corporate event’s effectiveness and it can be overwhelming. Try to prepare a comprehensive event planning checklist early on and go through it step by step. This systematic procedure ensures that you don’t overlook even the smaller details. It may sound like a lot of work but you don’t have to do it alone, events planning is a team effort after all. You may even approach an event planner to do it for you!


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