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December 9, 2022
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December 9, 2022

Networking Events

Through networking events, we help increase the chances of our attendees mingling with each other through creating a friendly and relaxed environment. This encourages them to exchange knowledge and build connections efficiently.

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Proven Results

Through careful planning and engaging activities, we encourage open and active dialogue between the attendees. This introduced serendipity of a lunch and innovative discussions that benefits all parties at every networking events. Fostering meaningful connections and facilitates the growth of professional relationships amongst attendees.

Autodesk x F1 In Schools Competition Singapore 2023-Award Ceremony

What We've Done

Planning of Activities & Games

We have planned and executed engaging games like the Wheel of Fortune, creating an entertaining and interactive experience for participants by developing game mechanics, designing captivating visuals, and ensuring smooth logistics for seamless gameplay.


We have successfully coordinated and presented captivating performances such as dance routines and orchestral arrangements, curating talented performers, choreography, musical arrangements, and stage direction to deliver a captivating and memorable experience for event attendees.

Food Catering

We arranged for food catering that can cater to diverse dietary requirements, including halal and other special food conditions, ensuring that all attendees can enjoy a wide variety of delicious and culturally appropriate meal options while maintaining the highest standards of quality, taste, and presentation.

Award Ceremonies

We have successfully organised and managed award ceremonies, creating a prestigious and memorable event that recognises and honours outstanding individuals and achievements.