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December 9, 2022

Seminars & Conferences

There are 3 key reasons why companies organise conference events and why people attend events. To network. To expand their knowledge and find solutions to their problems. To express and showcase ideas and works. For the conference to run smoothly and efficiently, we organise and manage events so you can focus on your goals of the conference events.

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Proven Results

During these events, we can hold interviews and film it, from video taking to audio and visual set-up, we manage it from end-to-end to provide you an ease of mind. We introduced serendipity of a lunch to encourage innovative discussions that benefits all parties. We also provide entertainment ideas like Chinese musicals, emcees or orchestras. This helped to keep the attendees entertained and refreshed during a corporate event.

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Aspentech SEA Operational Excellence Seminar 2022
Aspentech AV set up

What We've Done


We’ve provided experienced and professional emcees that specialised in hosting seminars and conferences, ensuring smooth event flow, engaging audience interaction, introducing speakers, moderating panel discussions, and creating a dynamic and informative atmosphere for past seminars and conferences.

Photography & Videography

Our professional photography and videography services are tailored specifically for seminars and conferences when required. We captured high-quality images and videos to document ket moments, engaging sessions, speaker presentations, networking interactions, and overall atmosphere of your event.


We have successfully provided a diverse array of artistic performances, including live music, dance, and theatre, all carefully curated to captivate the audience and deliver a one-of-a-kind experience. Each performance is thoughtfully tailored to align with the event theme or convey a specific message, ensuring a memorable and impactful experience for attendees.

Press Releases (PR)

We have press release services with extensive information about past events to formally announce the seminars or conference event to media outlets, industry professionals, and the public that have successfully reached out to potential sponsors, created awareness and built anticipation for the event.

Stage Set-Up

Our experienced designers created custom stage designs that align with your event theme, branding, and objectives. Factors like audience visibility, speaker comfort, and audiovisual requirements are considered so we can optimise the stage layout specially catered for your corporate seminars or conferences.

Interview Sessions

We have facilitated and hosted interview sessions for conferences and seminars, providing a platform for insightful discussion and knowledge sharing. Before the interview happens, we would have conducted in-depth research on the interviewees and their areas of expertise to ensure meaningful discussions.