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AV, Laptop, Badge Printer Rental

Elevate your visuals, enhance your sound, and captivate your event attendees as we deliver a seamless audio-visual experience with our AV rental and services.

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Corporate Events’ Rentals

We understand that every corporate event is unique, requiring specific equipment and services to ensure its success. That’s why we offer a wide selection of rental options, including sticker label printers, laptops, audio visual equipment, tablets, mobile phones, sound systems, monitors, laser printers and projectors. Tailored to meet the diverse needs of your events, our equipment can seamlessly accommodate for any venue sizes and audience capacities.

Onsite Sticker Label Printer Rental | Badge Printing

Our printing technology allows us to produce name badges efficiently with a quick turnaround. time. Additionally, we offer comprehensive support, including on-site personnel who can set up a dedicated badge printing station for your attendees, ensuring a smooth registration process.

Event Name Badge Printing
Laptop Tablet Phone Rental

Laptop, Tablets, Mobile Phones Rental

If you need temporary devices for your event, not to worry! We offer rental laptops, mobile phones, and tablets, all devices undergo rigorous testing and quality checks before deployment, ensuring optimal performance and functionality throughout your event.

Sound System Rental

Our cutting-edge equipment including speakers, microphones, mixers, and amplifiers, ensures crystal-clear audio that captivates your attendees. From keynote speeches to panel discussions, our sound systems are designed to provide balanced sound distribution, and immersive audio experiences.

AV Rental
Projector Rental

Projector Rental

With professional setup and on-site technical support, we provide a visual solution for your event venues. Our lumen projectors & monitors deliver stunning image quality, vibrant colours, and sharp clarity to ensure your presentations, videos, and graphics come to life.



From seamless event registration to cutting-edge audio-visual solutions, our dedicated team will take care every aspect of your corporate events while you stay worry-free.

Event Self Check In Kiosk

Smart Self Check-In Kiosk

Our self check-in kiosk features interactive touchscreens and user-friendly interface. Your event attendees can navigate through the registration process effortlessly without the need for additional staff stationed for registration.

QR Code Scanner

Check-In With QR Scanner

Eliminate long queues and waiting time with our QR Scanners! We provide mobile phones equipped with scanning capabilities, allowing your attendees to effortlessly check in by simply scanning their unique QR codes.

Name Badges Printer

Print Onsite Name Badges Instantly

Say goodbye to long queues! Streamlining the registration process for your corporate events with quick turnaround times and customisable designs. We ensure that every attendee is greeted with a professionally printed badge that showcases their identity.

Event Registration

On-Site Specialist & Technicians

Our team of highly trained professionals is ready to take your event to new heights of success. From skilled AV technicians who ensure flawless audio-visual setups to efficient registration desk attendants who streamlines your event attendees’ check in process.

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